III% Percenter Kennel
OG Bully Pitbulls

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lll% Percenter Kennel Shadow     
Mugleston, Cloverhill, Razors Edge GRCH Bloodlines

Her Father... Kaheem Klaxton

PR Hatcher's Dirty Diesel

CPK's Sgt.Tiger Towne

Great Grandmother
PR CPK's Sophie Fatale

April's Lexi Lou

Great Grandfather

Preddy's Rock N Roller

Great Grandmother
Gidden's Lexus Elaine

Her Mother... PR Mark Peppers Sparkle

PR Blue Bullies Tyson of NU PSI
Great Grandfather
GRCH Bluediamond's Empire Strikes Back
Great Grandmother
PR Campbells Ms Nina of NU PSI

PR Blue Bullies Angel of NU PSI
Great Grandfather
PR Shelton Hill Big Boi

Great Grandmother
PR Hypnotic Bluez Razorsedge Halo
4th Generation Great Great Grandparents
MM's Blue Marley and MM's Bling Bling Mercedes
PR Alabama Irons Rock Star and PR HBK's Blue Moon Miah
Matthews' Blue Stone and Garner's Starlyn
Horton's Blue Gangster JR and Horton's Blue Angel

4th Generation Great Great Grandparents
GRCH Blue Diamond's Desertstorm Tank and GRCH Navarro's Bluediamond's Red
GRCH Campbells Pretty Ricky and PR Ikong Little Diamond of Zion
PR Epitome Bowwow FRP Lunch Box and PR Shelton Hill Hot Pocket
Hypnotic East Coast Bluez Jigga and Claud's Eve
5th Generation 3x Great Grandparents
Creekside's Monster Magnus DNA-P and Creekside's Traveling Gypsy DNA-P
PR Iron Cross' Iron Tyson DNA-P and Iron Cross Blazing Phoenix DNA-VI
Sunline's Gladiator Rock and PR Gladiator's Coco Chanel
King's Gate Napolean Bonaparte and PR Ultimate Blues Myss Biggie

5th Generation 3x Great Grandparents
Cloverhills Watuka Spirit and Blue Diamonds Missy of BBA
Gaff's Lord of Illusions and GRCH Sackett's Gaff's Calif. Dazzle
CH Phoebus Blues Kachina Rising and Shonuff Campbells Ms Savannah
CH Gaff's Pacific Blue Tsunami and Ikons Ms I Love Lucy
PR Pure Edge Bowwow Biggfoot N LA and PR Apocalypse-Bull Dyke Betty #13
PR Razors Edge Big Timer Bruce and PR Thuggstown Rollin' on X
BJS Tate's Major Payne and Kelly's Dublin Mudslide
PR King Kurupt Clouse and BLK's Da
6th Generation 4x Great Grandparents
Pr Maddlatinz Bone Crusher and Madd Latinz Blue Satin Sadie DNA-P
Moralez/Atchley's Blue Rage and Moralez Ms Hazel
PR Reyes' Azul and PR Poes Pits Blu Boo-Boo
Royal Blood Line King Lion DNA-P and Steelhead's Giant G-Ball DNA-P
PR Reyes' Stone and Sunlines Blue Haze
PR Texas Odyssey's Achilles and Solanna's O G La Llorona
PR Mugleston's Juan Godzilla DNA-P and Muglestons Kings Gate Lilo Blu
Razorsedge Biggie DNA-P and PR Moore's Mystique

6th Generation 4x Great Grandparents
Cloverhill's IMA Sure Thing and Cloverhill's Indian Paintbrush
GRCH Razors Edge Gangus Khan of BD and Razors Edge Pecan Sandie
CH Lil Sierra Percy Penny Packer and GRCH Gaff's California Zima
GRCH PR Redwoods Shadytown Pud and CH Northern CA Gaffs Kiss Me Kate
CH Perdue's Strong Persuader and CH PR Phoebus Blues Nostalgic Indigo DNA-P
GRCH Sierras Mo Betta Blu and CH Bull Run's Top of the Rock
CH Gaff's Limited Edition and Gaff's Sierra Double Rush
GRCH Sierra-Gaff Maximillion DNA-P and Gaffs Ikon Mz Sher
CH Razors Edge Razzel Dazzel DNA-P and Razors Edge Ms. Jada
Razors Edge Americas Mos Wanted DNA-P and Razors Edge I Aint Mad at Cha
Razorsedge Biggie DNA-P and Young's Maybe Its Maybeline
Razors Edge Picture Me Rollin and Razors Edge California Love
Razors Edge Torpedo and Selby Misty IV
CH PR Saechao's Kujo of Buenos Aires DNA-VI and Smith's Blue Diamond
PR Henson's Hammer Tyme and Big Thumper's Blu Sable
Cloverhills Bad News Bear DNA-P and Blk Remedy