III% Percenter Kennel
OG Bully Pitbulls

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PR lll% Percenter Gizmo... From World Famous Mugleston's Bloodline

His Father: Morman's Big Man on Deck IM IN

Grandfather PR Blue Budda DNA-P

Great Grandfather
Baker's Blue Bear

PR Baker's Blue Patches

Grandmother Mugleston's Nala DNA-P

Great Grandfather
Mugleston Blue Goliath

Great Grandmother Muglestons Magnificent Makeda

His Mother.... PR Blue Sky's Zulu

Grandfather PR 'AK' Gottiline Mucho Dinero

Grandmother PR Blue Sky Bullies Hottie

Great Grandfather

PR Westsideknl Goldenln Cashmoney

Great Grandmother
Lopez' Wuera

Great Grandfather PR Dolos
/Godfathers Our Swagger
Great Grandmother PR Blue Sky's Madea

Fourth Generation on Father's Side...Great, Great Grandparents
PR Dutch Masta and Goines's Blue Koala
PR Pitts Blue Steeler Crown Jewel and PR Pitts Stormy Blue Princess
Hughzee's Petty Boy Blue and Joe's Raging Blue Sable
PR Mugleston's Juan Godzilla and Muglestons Kings Gate Lilo Blue

Fourth Generation on Mother's Side...Great, Great Grandparents
PR 91 West Golden Boy Legend and PR 91 West Legend Hermosa Gottlin
PR 91 West Golden Boy Legend and PR Azteca From Aztecakennels
PR EGP/Darkstar's Cosmo Kramer and PR Top Notch
PR Ironhead's Blue Lou and PR Coxknl Massie's Jumpin 4 Joy
5th Generation on Father's Side...3x Great Grandparents
OB's Jack the Ripper and PR Princess Leah
PR Blue Dush Rageing Blue Ice and Raging Blue Koala Bear
PR York's Mister Blue and Saman's Blue Crown Jewel
PR Crystal Blue's Magic Blue Sabre and PR York's Molly Be Blue
Watchdog's Beelzebub and Hughzee's Bossy Boo
Marrales' Raging Red Bull and Bobbies Raging Lady Miah
PR New Troijan's Dillenger and PR New Troijan's Foxy Blue
Valdez' Blue Tiger Shark DNA-P and Mugleston's Blue Cover Girl

5th Generation On Mother's Side...3x Great Grandparents
PR Bolton's Kingdom DNA-P and PR Queen Lunatic 91W2D End KNL
PR Gottiline Back Yard Boogie and PR Blue Angel 91W2 End Kenls
PR Bolton's Kingdom DNA-P and PR Queen Lunatic 91W2D End KNL
PR One Drop Fuiava and PR Muralla Becerra
PR Leons Conan DNA-P and PR EGP Spades Sweet Pea
PR Razor's Edge All Eyes On Rocky and PR Monster's Rain
Iron Head's Vincent Vega and PR Ironhead's Raven
BlueMark Grizzly Bear of Cox KNL and PR Bluemarks Serendity of Cox KNL
6th Generation On Father's Side...4x Great Grandparents
Frontlines Knights SN of RT PK and Phoebus Blues Last Planet
Frontlines Knights of SN OF RT PK and Phoebus Blues Knight Queen
PR Blue Dust Raider and PR Pit Style's Blue Dust Sugar
PR Blueprints Duke of Nevada and Reece's Chasey Lain
Yorks Twelve Gage of Gaff  DNA-P and York's Sylvia Blue
Razors Edge Top Notch Chino and PR Lacima Loveabull Blue's Bagheera
Big Boy Blue and PR Crystal Blue's Storm
York's Blue Adam and York's Cloe
GRCH Couturier's Blue Bully and PR Watchdog Zulu
Hughzee's Sky Blue and Persinger's Mollie Bee
Spague's Buster Brown and Leone's Sadie Maegirl
Cromne's Bull Raging Rollins and SHPRD'S Raging Red-Hot Coco
PR Notorious Juan Gotty and PR Rodney's Blue Tajah
PR Newtroijan's Monster G and PR Peterson's NTK Pretty Pearl
Chaos' Blue Tigger and Mugleston Blue Samantha
Razors Edge Bullseye Most WNTD and PR Rivercity's Topclass Kiana

6th Generation On Mother's Side...4x Grandparents

PR Lugo's King Spade and PR King Spad'es Gween of Hearts

PR Leons Goliath and PR Leons Moomoo

PR Monster Jojola and PR Gottyline Lefty

PR Leons Goliath and PR Leons Moomoo

PR Lugo's King Spade and PR King Spade's Gween of Hearts

PR Leons Goliath and PR Leons Moomoo

PR Leons Conan DNA-P and PR She Devil 310

PR Tama Fuiava and PR Teine Fuiava

PR Notorious Juan Gotty and PR Leons Moomoo

PR Lugo's King Spade and PR Lugo's Sindra

Razorsedge Biggie DNA-P and PR Maximum's Blue Crush of R Edge

PR Monster Jojola and CLP's/Razors Edge Lucky-Lady

Massie's Chipotle of K.C.'s and PR Hill Citys Maggie Mae of Massie

Circle K's Blue RE Of Massie and York's Funny Valentine

Razors Edge Sawed Off Shorty and Bluemark's Mariah of Rome

PR on Da Edge Amos of Bluemark and PR Bluemark's Serendipity Babe